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Gordon Golddigger

A great mission requires a great plan. That’s may motto.

If you have a goal, then do your research, mark the target and start digging.

Some call us grinders. We are the ones with the strong foreheads, and we actually succeed because we make up our minds and then continue until the job is done.

I’m from Norway, from a mining family. We have always been digging for gold and treasures. Nothing has come for free or without effort.But now we are all very, I mean very wealthy. It’s just a matter of focus. I did it and I’m sure you can as well.

My games are roulette and card games. You really can do the math and know what probabilities to bet on. And then there are the big Jackpots of course. We don’t want to miss the chance to grab those.

The things that ping my radar is; excavators, trucks, dynamite, power tools, engines and wealth.

I hereby invite you to follow me on Facebook, where you can expect precision, cleverness and hard work – nothing less.


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